Thriving as a Single Parent

Single parenthood is no walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be a torturous stroll, either. As of 2016, the United States Census Bureau estimates that there are approximately  13.6 million single parents raising over 22 million children each and every day. So...

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5 Tips for Healing After a Divorce

Divorce (or even a break-up) is often physically, mentally and emotionally draining, but remember, it’s okay to feel whatever emotions you’re feeling -- positive or negative-- just don’t dwell too long on them.  Instead use them as fuel to construct the best life...

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Surviving the First Thanksgiving Apart

Even when your divorce is as amicable as possible, the first few big holidays after you’ve been living apart can be painful, confusing and awkward.  If you have children with your ex-spouse, it can become exponentially more complicated. It’s ok, you can do this....

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