Social media has become an easy and convenient way for people to interact with friends and family members, near and far. They are a good source of entertainment as well, and many people enjoy spending time there regularly. 

If you’re  on the brink of divorce or going through the breakup of a marriage, social media sites aren’t as harmless as they seem at first glance. We all love social media, and may have been guilty of sharing too much at times. During a breakup, divorce or any type of litigation, it’s especially important to be careful not to do that.

Why the Uproar About Divorce and Social Media?

Most people assume that when they post something on social media they are talking to a small group of people; just those that they’re “friends” with. They don’t realize that their posts can also be read by others, too. When you’re going through a divorce, it’s vital that you keep these items in mind:

Posts Aren’t Necessarily Private

It may be helpful to think about social media sites like virtual bulletin boards. Anyone who comes across what you post on them can read what you have posted. Even if you think that you have adjusted the privacy settings so that you can control who can see what you post, your words could be seen by your friends’ friends, and your spouse, too. 

Even something you’ve shared in a private message can’t be counted on to remain private. Once you put something in cyberspace, it can be shared with others. The copy and paste function can be used to forward only part of your message by someone who is looking to make trouble for you or damage your reputation during a marriage breakup or divorce proceeding. 

Social Media is Not a Place to Vent

If you are having marital problems or need someone to talk to about difficulties you have having with your soon-to-be-ex spouse, social media is not the place to discuss them. Even making a joke about something to do with your spouse can easily be taken the wrong way, leading to more hurt feelings. Something that may not seem important to you may be an emotional sore spot to your spouse. You have no idea what they may be reading or hearing from other people. 

If you need someone to talk to about your situation, find someone offline to talk to. The best choice would be a professional listener: your doctor, a counselor or a member of the clergy. Everything you tell them would be kept in the strictest confidence, and you wouldn’t have to be concerned about your thoughts and feelings being shared on social media sites. 

Social Media and Breakups Don’t Mix, So Take a Break

Since social media posts have the potential to cause even more stress for you during a time that is already difficult enough as it is, the best piece of advice for someone who may be contemplating a separation or divorce is to back away from these sites until the negotiations have been finalized. 

Take a break. Don’t post anything; it’s the safest way not to have anything held against you. The discussions about current events and the most outrageous celebrity baby names will still be there when you’re ready to come back.

Finally, social media posts can be subject to discovery. Your spouse’s attorney can ask the Court to force you to disclose posts you put on social media. Be safe, take a break during this time or refrain from posting anything related to you, your soon to be ex or what is going on between you both at home or in Court.
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